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Sellers Guide Book

Don’t make the mistakes that can cost you Thousands of Dollars. Take Selling Serious and do what’s necessary.

Make Informed Decisions during a difficult time.  Know the legal aspects and best strategies.

Sell or Rent?  Selling from a distance and getting the most from the property is Important.  Find out the easiest solution.

Save Thousands of Dollars during a tough time.  Get this guide for the best way to deal with the house.

Staging is more important than you think.  Find out what areas are most important using these small improvements.

Find out all the strategies and ways to promote your home, that are usually not done.  See all the steps in this book.

Don’t improve the wrong things.  Make sure you are getting a “Return on Your Investment”.  

Buyers Guide Book

Step-by-step guide including inspections, loans and things you Must know when buying a home in today’s market.

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  • Don’t Leave Money On The Table
  • Choices After Losing a Loved One
  • Options During a Divorce
  • Maximize Your Vacant Home
  • Home Improvements For Value
  • Necessary Ways to Advertise
  • Get Top Dollar