1 10, 2021

What Does “Shown With Accepted Offer” Mean?


Many investors want to see properties they’re interested in right away – but some duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes in Silicon Valley can only be shown with an accepted offer. But what does that mean, and how will it impact your ability to see a property you may be interested in investing in? This guide explains.

What Does “Shown With Accepted Offer” Mean?2022-06-14T08:28:34-07:00
8 09, 2021

What is a Cap Rate in Real Estate?


In real estate – particularly in real estate investing – you’ll hear a lot of terms that most people don’t use every day. One of those terms may be capitalization rate, or cap rate for short. So what does cap rate mean, and how does it apply to you as an investor? This guide explains.

What is a Cap Rate in Real Estate?2022-06-14T08:28:34-07:00
30 05, 2020

Get Your Finances in Order


Get Your Finances in Order Before you even begin searching Silicon Valley homes listed for sale or multi-family homes for sale online, make sure your finances are in order. This will most likely be the biggest purchase of your life, so you must cover all your bases. Examine your current financial situation and

Get Your Finances in Order2022-06-14T08:28:38-07:00
15 05, 2020

Find the Perfect Investment Property


When you’re buying a multifamily investment property in Silicon Valley, it’s absolutely essential that you make a list of your wants and needs – you and your REALTOR® will use that list to find the perfect property. So where do you start? This guide explains. Make a List: How to Find the Perfect Investment

Find the Perfect Investment Property2022-06-14T08:28:39-07:00
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