Debbie was my listing agent for a home in Salinas. Before the sale, she got the landscape watered, places some flowers, and cleaned up the front flower beds and yard, none of which I had time to do.

She handled the first set of interested parties and when those offers fell through, got a second set of people to look through the home. All total we had 16 offers and I sold the house for almost $50k over list price!

Since I know nothing about how to do this, she guided me through all the steps, including what to sign for whom and when, and how I should get paid.

The process was simple for me because of Debbie’s help, and I appreciated it greatly.

I would highly recommend Debbie at Properties In Silicon Valley because she made things simple for me, explains everything and even pitches in when needed to get things done.

Thank you so much!!!

Brian Heggen