I’m writing this review on behalf of my best friends Chris and Marci C. as they are still mourning the loss of their dearly departed mother and father.
I feel that Debbie deserves to be recognized for her very capable ability to get the job done.
In all my years seeing my own customers pass over and watching their families deal with realtors to sell the family homes Debbie goes way beyond any realtor I have ever seen!
She gets down and dirty to make your home more appealing to the potential buyers.
I watched her replace the baseboards herself as in tools in hand!
She muscled a safe out of the closet to get ready for new carpet
She also made sure the painters and plumbers did their jobs to perfection.
I was hands on as I was to clean the home once all the repairs were done.
Other realtors simply waited for the home to be ready to go on the market.
Debbie deserves to be recognized and thanked for the amazing job she did for the family
If ever I was to sell my home I would hire Debbie to be my realtor and I will for future be passing her on to anyone I know to sell their house for them.
Great job Debbie! I am forever grateful of the great care and time you took to help my friends!
Laura H.

laura hughes