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About the Town of Los Gatos

As with many towns and cities across the country, Los Gatos owes its “birth” to the railroad. Yes, it existed long before the South Pacific Coast Railroad came to town in 1877, but it wasn’t until then that outsiders took notice.

Word spread quickly about the fruit trees, heavy and dripping with oranges, lemons and figs and Los Gatos property values skyrocketed, as did its population. And, the town is still growing, more than doubling its population from 1960 until today.

Read on to see for yourself why Los Gatos is one of Silicon Valley’s most popular communities.

Los Gatos Schools

Like many Silicon Valley communities, several school districts serve Los Gatos’ public-school students.

Los Gatos is also home to many private schools, including Stratford and Hillbrook.

Tech in Los Gatos

Netflix is the town’s largest employer but it’s not the only tech giant located here. Smashwords and a host of biotech companies employ residents and offer a boost to the economy.

What to do in your Leisure Time in Los Gatos

The popular New Museum, a non-profit history and art museum is handily located in downtown Los Gatos. Whitney Modern, a contemporary fine art gallery, and others are also located downtown.

Los Gatos knows how to throw a party and does so several times a year. Some of the annual events in town include:

  • Spring into Green
  • 4th of July Symphony in the Park
  • Los Gatos Music in the Park
  • Screen on the Green
  • Jazz on the Plazz
  • Red, White, & Blue Block Party
  • Los Gatos Children’s Christmas/Holiday Parade
  • Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival

Los Gatos’ location, nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains, acts as a magnet, not only to the town’s residents but to those who live throughout the valley. Bikers, rock climbers, equestrians, and hikers take to Castle Rock State Park for its striking views from the trail system.

Bringing the pooch? Head to the Los Gatos Creek Trail and join other parents-of-the-four legged, along with the skaters, joggers and bikers you’ll meet along the way.

Vasona Lake County Park offers more than 150 acres to explore and, just adjacent you’ll find Oak Meadow Park where you can picnic while the kids enjoy the carousel, miniature train and the playground.

Learn more about Los Gatos on the Visit Los Gatos Website

Los Gatos, California Homes

Los Gatos real estate has come a long way since land buyers in the late 19th century were considered “crazy fools” for spending $200 to $300 an acre. Never in their wildest imaginations could they foresee that nearly 150 years in the future, perfectly sane people would be willing to pay today’s median price of $3-4 million for one acre of Los Gatos land.

While the sky is the limit when it comes to the upper price range for a home for sale in Los Gatos, buyers may find fixer or tear-down homes, priced under $1,500,000.

Speaking of the upper range, the town’s inventory of estate homes is magnificent. In fact, the prestigious Glen Una Ranch community is one of the most highly-sought after addresses in the Bay Area.

If a vintage home is on your wish list, you simply must visit Los Gatos. With 2,500 officially-designation historic homes, you’ll find a variety of classic architectural styles, from Craftsman bungalows and Victorians to the iconic Eichler.

Nearly 60 percent of the 13,000 homes in Los Gatos are single-family dwellings, primarily built between 1960 to 1980. The vast majority (about 95 percent) are priced from $1.5 million to more than $15 million.

Real estate markets and home prices fluctuate (all prices stated are estimates “at the time of writing”) and we’re happy to keep you apprised of current home prices in Los Gatos.  Contact us here.

Looking to Buy or Sell a Home in Los Gatos?

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, working with an experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified real estate agent or broker will make the home buying or selling process easier.  Make sure your agent or broker understands your needs, the market, and has local expertise.

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