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Lynn S. and Ed W.

She goes the extra distance for her clients

Debbie helped us purchase a house in downtown Campbell. She was easy to talk to and straight forward. The transaction went smoothly, and she was very thorough with all the paperwork. She worked long hours and answered our emails and phone calls promptly. She goes the extra distance for her clients.

Randy & Danielle C.

The best real estate agent in Santa Clara County!

In our opinion Debbie Marino is the best Real Estate agent in Santa Clara County! She has a lot of knowledge in her field. We were looking for a year and made several offers that just didn’t get accepted. As we started working with Debbie and after looking at several properties we found the one that we knew we had to place an offer on! Debbie did what she does and the offer was accepted. Debbie made our experience purchasing our first home with ease. She met us at the house to hand us the keys, took pictures, and when we walked in we found she had put together a wonderful gift basket for us. I feel like our experience with Debbie was not only professional but it felt like a friendship as well and she has stayed in contact with us ever since. We recommend Debbie Marino!!

THANKS, Debbie

Inge P.

I felt I could trust her

Debbie Marino is a great realtor. She helped me find exactly what I was looking for in a home. She was very patient and kind. She was always upfront and honest and I felt I could trust her. She went over every aspect of the paper work involved and kept me updated on the progress of the purchase. I would recommend Debbie highly as a great realtor.

Dan G.

I felt comfortable and confident that my best interest were priority one

Finding the right home can be a challenge. With Debbie Marino as my realtor, I felt comfortable and confident that my best interest were priority one. She’s very thorough and professional, and made buying my dream home a reality!

Great Job!

Anthony L.

Love working with Debbie

Love working with Debbie. She finds properties for me to fix up quickly, then sells them for me. Very professional and easy to work with. Does all the hard work finding properties for the right price in the right neighborhood, keeping contractors profit in mind. Would recommend.

James H.

A natural talent

A truly service minded real estate agent in San Jose! Debbie has a very good knowledge of the area and what homes are for sale. She has a natural talent for finding a set of homes that meet your tastes and helps you find the perfect property. I highly recommend her for buying a home or selling your property.

Kevin H.

Would highly recommend

Detail oriented, knowledgeable, and professional. Easy to work with and excellent follow-up. Works very hard to address all her clients’ real estate needs. Would highly recommend.

Darlene T.

I would highly recommend her in a heartbeat!

I have dealt with several real estate agents in my time and I can easily say the Debbie Marino is the best! She is honest, thorough, diligent and resourceful. She always took the time to explain the why’s and wherefore’s of everything that was going on. Mine was a short sale, which is tedious and cumbersome at best. But through the entire four month process, Debbie made it effortless for me, the client. She really listened to my goals and aimed for them at every turn. Working with Debbie far exceeded my previous experiences and expectations. I would highly recommend her in a heartbeat!

Dan & Karyn P.

Always available

Just wanted to say thank you for your expertise and support with the sale of our home. Your advice and recommendations made all steps go smoothly from beginning to close. It was a pleasure to spend time going thru all the paperwork. LOL.

But seriously you were always available to answer any questions we had from steps needed to address curb appeal and staging to helping establish market value.

Thanks again

Maria M. and Gang

I want everyone to know how happy we are

I want everyone to know how happy my husband Juan and I are, and how thankful we are for knowing Debbie Marino. I met Debbie about three years ago through a mutual friend, and at the time I told my friend I was tired of throwing money away on renting and that I wanted to buy a home, so she introduced me to Debbie. I felt from the start that Debbie was very trusting, and she really took an interest and listened to what I was looking for in a home. We looked at many homes for several months and for some reason I kind of lost interest I guess because all the houses we looked at needed a lot of work, so we took a break. Debbie was very understanding and put no pressure on Juan and me. We both checked up on each other as the months went by, then two years went passed but we kept in contact. It was nice to know that I could talk to her without feeling any pressure because I knew she was out for my family’s best interests. Then the day came were I truly felt like ok we’re doing this! I called Debbie told her let’s look for a home in Los Banos. She asked if we were sure we wanted to move that far? I told her yes, we had two years to really think about it. Once we were pre-approved again, we went on our way, and wouldn’t you know on our first drive out to see homes in Los Banos, my husband and I found our home. Debbie was the one to find this home for us. She knew what we wanted, and it was perfect! The next day we submitted an offer, then the process began. I never knew all it took to buy a home, but Debbie was there every step of the way, even when I was feeling nervous when waiting for answers from the lender. She made buying our first home comfortable and a lot easier. She even helped me out on the lending side as well. She was there when everyone was jumping through hoops trying to close escrow on time, so my children could start school in time for the New Year. I can never thank Debbie enough for all she has done for my family and making our American dream come true! The Martinez family will always be thankful to you Debbie.

Brenda V.

You couldn’t ask for better service

You couldn’t ask for better service by going with Debbie, we were insecure when buying our first home in 2015 Debbie took control and handled everything we were unsure of , she proofread all the paperwork and papers we had to sign from the seller. She made the process so smooth and easy for us. We will always recommend her and will use her if needed in the future .

Laura H.

Great job Debbie!

I’m writing this review on behalf of my best friends Chris and Marci C. as they are still mourning the loss of their dearly departed mother and father.

I feel that Debbie deserves to be recognized for her very capable ability to get the job done. In all my years seeing my own customers pass over and watching their families deal with realtors to sell the family homes Debbie goes way beyond any realtor I have ever seen!

She gets down and dirty to make your home more appealing to the potential buyers. I watched her replace the baseboards herself as in tools in hand! She muscled a safe out of the closet to get ready for new carpet. She also made sure the painters and plumbers did their jobs to perfection. I was hands on as I was to clean the home once all the repairs were done. Other realtors simply waited for the home to be ready to go on the market.

Debbie deserves to be recognized and thanked for the amazing job she did for the family

If ever I was to sell my home I would hire Debbie to be my realtor and I will for future be passing her on to anyone I know to sell their house for them. Great job Debbie! I am forever grateful of the great care and time you took to help my friends!