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Milpitas is one of the preferred places to live in California. Located in Santa Clara County and situated north of San Jose and south of Fremont, it offers a dense suburban feel and retains its own unique charm. Home to the Ford Motor Assembly Plant in 1955, then closing in 1984, Milpitas converted the plant to a shopping mall now known as the Great Mall of the Bay Area opening in 1994. Milpitas has a rich diversity, outstanding recreational opportunities, quality schools, shopping centers, and more. It is a well-to-do community, and the homeownership rate is more than 50%.


If schooling is a crucial factor in your home search, you can easily find a list of highly rated schools for your children in Milpitas, CA.

Curtner Elementary School, John Sinnott Elementary School, and Northwood Elementary School are great for elementary school education. Middle and high school educational facilities include Thomas Russell Middle School and Milpitas High School. Milpitas Unified School District is ranked as the best district school in Milpitas, whereas Merryhill School is the chosen one for private education.

Check out individual school profiles from your end, and accordingly narrow the search to get a more detailed listing.

Real Estate

Over 60% of residents own their properties in Milpitas, but renters too equally inhabit the city as the rental housing unit population is about 32%. The cost of living is more than a hundred percent higher than the national average, but it is still considered affordable.  Milpitas has some of the oldest adobe home styles still in existence from the 18th century.

You can buy and sell duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and single-family homes in Milpitas.

The real estate in Milpitas, CA sells quickly as it is a community offering excellent accessibility, schools, housing, tech hubs, hill views, and much more.

These factors and a lot more draw numerous motivated buyers, and if you adore a particular property, do not wait; the demand is high in Milpitas. Identify and list your criteria and fetch results that match your style and budget. You should also explore different photos and virtual tours to get an idea of what your life would be like in Milpitas.


Milpitas is a hub of several world-known businesses, including SanDisk, Cisco Systems, Lifescan, Inc., Seagate Technology, Viavi Solutions, Spectra Technologies, Sigma Designs, Linear Technology, and KLA.

From medical, construction, technology, beauty, food, entertainment, automobile, to financial services and more – Milpitas has everything for everyone.

Things to Do

Go for a picnic to the local parks, sample the finest wines at the best vineyards, exercise at sports centers, shop at the Great Mall of the Bay Area, visit the museums, play mini-golf, watch the latest blockbuster, catch up your favorite entertainment at the community centers, or eat out at your favorite restaurants. There is a lot of cool, fun, entertaining, and essential stuff to do in Milpitas, California. The east side also provides excellent opportunities for bicycling, hiking, or just some sunshine and fresh air.

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