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San Martin is a small rural residential city, situated between Morgan Hill and Gilroy at the southern end of Silicon Valley. It is a quiet city with excellent freeway access. Residents living here also enjoy the benefits of the cities Morgan Hill and Gilroy. The community is a perfect place for those looking to settle down, raise their children, and have a slice of rural life.

Many people in this city own their own homes. But since the housing costs can get a bit expensive, some families prefer renting homes in San Martin. Very much like its neighbors Gilroy and Morgan Hill, San Martin is a massive producer of wine, garlic, and table mushrooms.

Living in San Martin gives you that perfect rural feel, and a lot of young professionals working in tech fields reside here. South County Airport is probably the major landmark in San Martin. Because of the proximity to Silicon Valley, there are various job opportunities here to make yourself a comfortable living. Additionally, public transportation needs are addressed by rail and bus, so you will not find it difficult to commute on a daily basis.


No matter where you may want to live, if you have school-going children, their education holds utmost importance for you. San Martin and the surrounding regions have quite a few best-rated schools. Some of them include San Martin Gwinn for elementary education, Britten Middle School for middle-grade level, and Live Oak High for high school students.

Real Estate

San Martin is a picturesque, semi-rural community sitting between the coastal foothills on one side and the Diablo Range on the other end. The population here is small and it is a region with more land than people, unlike most other areas.  Almost 64% of the population living here are in owner-occupied housing units and 34% live in rental housing units.

You can get homes that range from modest to mansions – so unique; you will not find those anywhere around. Mostly, you will find open space land or single-family homes. If you are looking to possess a ranch or farm in San Martin, you will be making a wise decision to settle here. In fact, now is a good time to invest in your property in San Martin, CA.

Things to Do

San Martin is a great choice for nature and wine lovers. Some of the best places you can visit here include the Coyote Reservoir, Lion Ranch Vineyards & Winery, Miramar Vineyards and Wings of History Aviation Museum. Activities include horseback riding, skydiving and hot air balloon rides. You also have options to drink, dine, and feast on the weekends at the fantastic cafes, restaurants, lounges, bakeries, wineries, and more. San Martin is an excellent mix of charming and modern architecture, styles, and diversities, and it offers something for everyone who comes to live here.

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