Sunnyvale, CA Homes for Sale

Sunnyvale is undoubtedly one of the best locations to live in California. It is a high-tech hub in Silicon Valley also known for its whimsical cultural activities, friendly neighborhoods, public schools, and diverse community. It offers a mix of that urban-suburban feel. If you’re interested in Sunnyvale, CA, homes for sale, here’s what you must know.


Parents moving to this beautifully green city will find just the right school for their Children. Public schools in the area are highly rated. The top-rated ones for elementary education include Cumberland Elementary School, Cherry Chase Elementary School, and West Valley Elementary School. Peterson School and Sunnyvale School, along with Homestead High School, Fremont High School, and Summit Public School, are among Sunnyvale’s best for middle and high school level education.

District schools include Sunnyvale School District, Santa Clara Unified School District, Cupertino Union School District and Fremont Union High School District. Private schools include Challenger – Sunnyvale, Rainbow Montessori C.D.C., and The King’s Academy.

Real Estate

Within Santa Clara County is the city of Sunnyvale, with booming real estate and modern facilities. It’s one of the most significant metropolitan subsections of Silicon Valley. Sunnyvale is amongst the 7th most populous cities in the Bay Area.

Most tech professionals live in Sunnyvale for easier access to their workplaces, but it also attracts renters from all walks of life. Families are continuously flocking to Sunnyvale for its amenities, safety, natural beauty, and quality of living.  Approximately 49% of the city lives in owner-occupied housing units and 50% live in rental housing units.

Sunnyvale is a great place for anyone looking to relocate or purchase a new home. Several remodeled and new construction homes are waiting to be lived in. The process of home hunting in Sunnyvale can be a bit intimidating. Compared to the national average, the cost of living in Sunnyvale is slightly higher, but so are the wages. Homes come at a premium and listed properties typically receive multiple offers from potential buyers.

You can find duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and single-family properties in Sunnyvale.  Many Eicher homes are in the southern half of the city.  Properties frequently get updated, so do not miss out on your dream home. Sure the real estate in Sunnyvale is expensive; the benefits, however, are worth considering.


Before moving to Sunnyvale, you would have likely researched local job opportunities. It would not be wrong to say that Sunnyvale is a mecca for ideas, opportunities, and innovations. It headquarters several renowned tech companies such as Yahoo, NetApp, and Fijitsu America.

Most Sunnyvale employers and businesses include companies from the aerospace and defense, internet, staffing, and communication industries. Additionally, manufacturing, research and development, computer/surgical equipment, medical devices/services, and many others will make it easy for you to find work.

Things to Do

While the city may be a hub for tech businesses, it’s far from all work and no play. There are so many things for Sunnyvale residents to do, including arts and culture, dining, festivals, golf, nightlife, skating, wineries, and more.

With clean and beautiful parks, recreation centers, and open concerts, you can also spend your weekends at historical sites, farmer markets, and community events. Movie, museums, student/technical tours, etc., can also be on your list. If you do not enjoy those activities, you can socialize in the downtown area.

Just prepare for everything ahead of time, so the transition is smooth, and you will enjoy living in your new home.

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