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Top 6 Renovation Projects to Show Off In Your Virtual Listing

Published On: September 20th, 2023

Virtual listings have become more competitive than ever before, and setting yourself apart can feel like an uphill battle the entire time. Instead of panicking or simply hoping minimal effort is enough, it’s a good idea to merely show buyers what they want to see. 

These are the top six renovation projects homeowners should show off in your virtual listings! These are sure to grab the eyes and attention of almost any buyer. 

Why Renovate Before Listing?

When you realize you’re ready to sell, it can feel like a race to get your home on the market and in front of buyers as soon as possible, but doing this could mean you’re leaving money on the table. Renovations give you the opportunity to create a property that’s worth as much money as possible and provide the buyers with something to be excited about. 

This act will also help you catch any issues that need to be remedied with the property, which will make closing far easier on you eventually. Instead of dealing with a back-and-forth, you’ll be able to rest assured that your property is in great condition and ready to go.

1. Updated Roofing or Siding

Whether you’re interested in wood shingle roofing or synthetic stucco siding, it’s important to do some research before settling on a decision. The average roof doesn’t last longer than thirty years, and most siding won’t go further than twenty to twenty-five years, which means you could be due for an update. 

Buyers can easily get scared away if they have to face the prospect of possibly updating these areas of their homes before they even buy the property. If they don’t get frightened off, then they’ll ask for a huge cut-off of the price to cover the renovations, which can be pricey.

2. Mini Kitchen Upgrade

Mini upgrades are an awesome thing to show off in any virtual listing. This shows that you’re putting work into the home while still leaving room for the buyers to put their personal touch on areas like the kitchens and bathrooms. 

This goes even better if the update was the counters or appliances since many buyers expect a move-in ready property.

3. Updated Garage or Basement Areas   

Man Installing Tile on the Floor of a Basement

Finished garages and basements were often seen as pricey and unnecessary updates before recent years. Since 2020, many buyers have been looking for finished and usable spaces that allow them to create offices, workspaces, hobby areas, and so much more within their own homes. 

They want finished areas that look sleek and keep up with the rest of the home. 

Finished basements get additional kudos since many buyers want far more storage room and bedroom space than the average home offers.

4. Exterior Entertainment Spaces

Sometimes, the one thing that could be between your property and an awesome outdoor entertainment space could simply be roof deck tiles! Offer the chance to get outside and enjoy clean air and beautiful views by investing in exterior entertainment spaces.

Most exterior entertainment spaces need to have seating, fridges, or a simple bar with a sink and shade to protect from sunlight in the summer. Whether this is a deck, patio, or other space, you can create something incredible.

5. Incredible Storage

Over a third of Americans currently have storage that’s not on their current property. This means they’re paying for a space to hold items they only see once or twice a year on average. Give your buyers a dream come true by adding more storage throughout. 

This will give them the illusion of being more organized in the long run while also making the entire home feel more detailed and updated. Extra closet space and storage space are often seen as more important than extra bedroom space after the first three bedrooms.

6. Awesome Curb Appeal

Curb appeal will shatter how buyers view your home. Although this is a virtual tour, you want to introduce them to your home like they’re arriving by car. Create a well-manicured yet easy-to-maintain paradise for your photos. 

It’s a good idea to deep clean your exterior by using a pressure washer. This will scrub away any dirt or debris your property might have gathered and will leave it looking brand new.

Renovation Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid 

Installing New Hardwood Floors

It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re swept up in the excitement of renovating! The biggest mistake is working without checking in with your HOA or whatever local ordinances exist. These can result in lawsuits or hefty fines, so it’s vital you avoid this issue altogether. 

You should also remember to budget your time and money as much as possible! Failing to do so will cost you on both sides.


Man Tiling a Backsplash in a Kitchen

These Renovations Can Change Everything

Whether this is your first home listing or your tenth, and you want to perfect what you do, the renovations you showcase can make a huge difference. Consider working with Properties In Silicon Valley to set your listing apart.


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