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25 09, 2021

3 Tips to Help You Sell Your Duplex Fast


If you’re selling a duplex – whether it’s because you want to move on to bigger investments, you no longer want to manage a rental property, or something else – there are a few things you can do to help your Silicon Valley REALTOR® sell the home faster. Check out these three tips to help

3 Tips to Help You Sell Your Duplex Fast2021-10-21T06:23:14-07:00
8 09, 2021

What is a Cap Rate in Real Estate?


In real estate – particularly in real estate investing – you’ll hear a lot of terms that most people don’t use every day. One of those terms may be capitalization rate, or cap rate for short. So what does cap rate mean, and how does it apply to you as an investor? This guide explains.

What is a Cap Rate in Real Estate?2021-10-21T06:12:20-07:00
12 08, 2021

Campbell Market Update July 2021


See some of the latest statistics on the Campbell Market for July 2021. Time to make a move?  See the latest numbers here: prices are way up from a year ago, days on market are down, and sellers are receiving 100%+ of their asking! I can help you.  Let's find out what your options

Campbell Market Update July 20212021-08-12T18:15:20-07:00
23 07, 2021

Open House Updates and Covid-19


During the month of May 2021 C.A.R. (California Association of Realtors) announced updated guidance on open house protocols.  Santa Clara County Public Health Department announced they will be following C.A.R. guidelines for open houses. Here is a summary of the new Open House Covid-19 Guidelines effective May 2021: Open Houses are allowed and appointments

Open House Updates and Covid-192021-07-27T19:17:51-07:00
25 06, 2021

What Do the Terms “Number of Doors” and “Per Door” Mean?


In real estate investing, you may hear the term number of doors. So what does it mean, and what does it have to do with how successful you are as a real estate investor? This guide explains. What Do the Terms “Number of Doors” and “Per Door” Mean? In real estate investing, the phrase number

What Do the Terms “Number of Doors” and “Per Door” Mean?2021-07-27T19:17:52-07:00
16 06, 2021

5 Essential Tips for Managing Your Own Property


If you’re like many people, you know that managing your own property is tough – and you may even want to sell your property rather than working as a landlord. However, if you find yourself in the position of managing your own property, these five tips can make it easier on you. 5 Essential Tips

5 Essential Tips for Managing Your Own Property2021-07-27T19:17:52-07:00
8 06, 2021

The Basics of Duplex Investing


If you’re a real estate investor – or if you’d like to become one – you’ve probably considered duplex investing as a possibility. But how can you get into duplex investing, and is it worthwhile? This guide explains the ins and outs of duplex investing so you can make the right choice for your future.

The Basics of Duplex Investing2021-07-27T19:17:52-07:00
1 06, 2021

Common Questions About 1031 Exchange in California


If you’re like most people, you know that a 1031 exchange is a tax-deferred exchange that lets you defer capital gains taxes if you’re buying a “like-kind” property – but what are the rules in California, and how do they apply to you? This guide explains.  Common Questions About 1031 Exchanges in California A 1031

Common Questions About 1031 Exchange in California2021-07-27T19:17:52-07:00
25 05, 2021

What Are Contingencies in a Real Estate Purchase Contract?


Whether you're buying a single-family home or a multifamily property for sale in Silicon Valley, you'll hear the term contingencies floated around - but what does that mean, and does it apply to you? What, exactly, are contingencies in a real estate purchase contract? Here's what you need to know. What Are Contingencies in a

What Are Contingencies in a Real Estate Purchase Contract?2021-07-27T19:17:52-07:00
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