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How to Improve Curb Appeal When Selling

Published On: February 10th, 2020

First Impressions mean everything…

Prospective buyers start forming an opinion about a property, whether it’s a duplex, triplex, fourplex or single-family home, before they even walk through the door. In fact, most buyers have already decided whether a house is going to make their “short list” by the time they get out of the car. That means your property’s curb appeal needs to be on-point – because if it’s not, you’re going to have a tough time finding a buyer.

Here’s how to improve your property’s curb appeal.

Your duplex, triplex or fourplex may be the best investment in Silicon Valley – but if a prospective buyer can’t get past the exterior, you’re going to have a tough time selling the space. That may mean you need to do a little “home” work and make improvements that can get buyers in your corner. To boost curb appeal, you need to:

  • Settle on a budget for exterior improvements
  • Fix up exterior issues
  • Cheer up the landscaping
  • Ensure everything is spotless and attractive

Here’s a closer look at each.

Creating a Curb Appeal Budget for Exterior Improvements

When you’re selling an investment property, it’s important that you make the right profit – and that means settling on a definite budget for exterior improvements (particularly if you need to make interior improvements, as well).

Exterior improvements typically have a strong return on investment – that means you’re likely to get most (or even all) your money back at the closing table if you make the right choices. Even if you don’t see financial returns, having great curb appeal at your duplex, triplex or fourplex can help you sell the property faster.

Fixing Up Exterior Issues for Curb Appeal

After you’ve established your budget, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work (or hire a professional to handle it for you). Start by removing clutter, such as yard waste, dirty or broken lawn or patio furniture, and bikes and outdoor toys that may be in the yard. Then, tuck away the trash cans.

From there:

  • Work on the landscaping. Cut the grass, prune the shrubs or bushes, and trim the hedges. Remove dead tree limbs and prune trees if necessary. Edge around the porch and walkways, as well, and pull weeds from driveway and sidewalk cracks.
  • Pressure-wash the driveway and sidewalks. Remove as much dirt and grime as possible to make the concrete appear newer – and if you notice cracks, repair them. Do not power-wash the house! Doing so could cause water damage.
  • Work on miscellaneous repairs. Replace broken or missing fence slats, mail boxes, cracked or broken gutters or downspouts, replace exterior lights, and dangling house numbers.

Cheering Up the Landscaping for Curb Appeal

After the grass is cut and edged, see where the lawn needs a little TLC. Look for bare spots that could benefit from a fresh round of grass seed or new sod. Then:

  • Plant colorful, fragrant flowers. Consider buying already-grown jasmine, roses, lavender or thyme from a nursery and transplanting it. If your thumb isn’t particularly green, check with a local landscaper about adding plants for you.
  • Pull weeds anywhere you see them. Don’t spray for weeds, though – if you do it incorrectly, or if you use the wrong products, you could end up killing the grass.
  • Add colorful potted plants to the porch. You can choose any variety, as long as they add visual appeal that greets buyers who are coming to look at the property.

Ensuring Everything is Spotless (and Attractive)

Make sure the exterior of the duplex, triplex or fourplex (or single-family home) is completely spotless. Again, don’t power-wash the exterior of the home – but you may need to hire a professional painter to give it a fresh coat. Additionally, make sure each window is sparkling; buyers notice these things.

You might also consider:

  • Installing a more modern door handle
  • Hanging up new house numbers
  • Repainting or replacing the mailbox
  • Installing new light fixtures on the porch or along the walkways
  • Adding a new welcome mat in front of the door to greet guests warmly

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